Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software

Zoho Projects is an online project management tool that makes it easier to operate your business. It also assists you in planning, tracking, collaborating, and meeting your company objectives on schedule.  

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most important aspects of Zoho projects.



  • Users may access their tasks, bugs, things due and overdue, milestones, timesheets, and events on the Zoho Projects Home page. 
  • KPIs are a summary of Tasks, Bugs, and Milestones. 
  • Filters for Personal and Portfolio can be switched between by users. 
  • The Portfolio view displays the project dashboard, which contains Gantt charts, progress reports, ownership reports, client reports, timetable summaries, budget health, and more.



  • It allows you to track numerous projects at the same time. 
  • Users can develop several project templates and use them when establishing new projects. 
  • Tasks, Milestones, and a Task List make up the projects. 
  • We can also track concerns related to each project, as well as produce timesheets and invoices. 
  • In Zoho projects, we may customize the fields.


  • We may break a project into milestones, assign one or more tasks to each milestone, and track the progress of the milestones. 
  • Multiple milestones can be set for a project. 
  • When all milestones have been met, a project can be declared complete. 
  • We may save the milestones as PDF files and deliver them through email. 
  • We may add a new milestone to a project by clicking the add new milestone button.

A list of tasks 

  • A number of tasks can be grouped into a single task list, and tasks can be accessed from inside the task list. 
  • We may add a start date and an end date to these task lists under milestones. 
  • We can also keep track of who is working on the task list by adding time logs to it. 
  • We may construct a task list and add a collection of tasks to it by clicking the Add Task List button.


  • A task is a piece of labor in a project, and each task might have its own subtask. 
  • We may also construct a task dependence for tasks, which we can delete anytime it is no longer required. 
  • If necessary, users can also import the job. 
  • The tasks can also have comments added to them. 
  • Users can also attach papers to tasks, and we can keep track of the tasks’ difficulties. 
  • Users may also choose the task’s start and finish dates, as well as the task’s log hours.

Tab for the Calendar 

  • In the calendar view, users may see the tasks that have been given to them on Calendar. 
  • We may add the following to the calendar immediately. 
    • Tasks 
    • Bugs 
    • Events 
    • Milestones 
  • A calendar may be used to keep track of the project, tasks, and milestones. 
  • Users can color code modules to make it easier to find them on the calendar. 
  • Users may export the calendar and use it to keep track of their schedules. 
  • The calendar may be seen as Month, Week, or Day.

Tab Reports 

  • We may create a variety of reports depending on tasks, milestones, and projects, for example. 
  • To produce reports, we may combine the projects using Zoho Analytics. 
  • Gantt Chart Resource Utilization Planned vs Actual Project Timeline are just a few of the reports that may be created. Reports on Gantt Charts 
  • Reports on timesheets 
  • Reports on tasks

Project Gantt charts and reports 

To help you assess productivity and work progress efficiently, the Gantt and Reports Tab in Zoho Projects displays a range of data represented as Gantt charts and reports for tasks, issues, and timesheets.

Reports on Tasks in Projects 

Task reports provide you a unified view of all the tasks in a project, broken out by status, milestone, priority, owner, and percentage completed.


Blueprints and Workflows may be used to customize Zoho Projects. 

  • By creating a workflow in Blueprint, you may automate processes. Set up a process and a mechanism to keep track of the task’s progress. 
  • We may also create a Blueprint for a specific project. 
  • To the job in the blueprints, we can also add email templates and email notifications. 
  • Workflows may be created in Zoho projects in addition to Blueprints.



Zoho Projects is a top-rated project management software that gives teams and businesses the tools they need to manage projects. Both large and small organizations may benefit from Zoho Projects. 

To learn more about Zoho projects and how they might benefit your company, contact a Zoho Consultant.


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