Company Size

100-500 Employees


Linvec is a medical equipment company that supplies various medical equipment to vendors, suppliers, and delivers to them.

Web Application:

Restful API developed for android application. There are two types of methods used; GET and POST.

Android Application:

This is the android application that has been developed for online orders and delivers the same.

There are three types of user panel in the application:

  • Salesman panel
  • Admin panel
  • Warehouse panel


Basically, this android application is developed with the aim of selling medical products belongs to the internal and external parts of the body. Ex- Knee replacement kit, hearing machine, etc.

How it works:

The user will enter the details in the admin panel. Then, on the basis of the availability that he/she provides, the salesman will generate the order for the product based on the client’s requirements. This order will directly be received at the nearby warehouse and accordingly, the warehouse will deliver the ordered products to the buyer.

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