The Birth of the WiseThink Zoho Project

It’s critical to understand how your chosen partner operates while you’re exploring partners for your next Zoho project, CRM setup, or Zoho connection. You’ll want to know how much time and effort you and your team will have to put in, as well as what to expect at each step. WiseThink believes in openness and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, collaborating with you and your team from the outset to achieve successful outcomes. We want to make sure that your company can achieve its objectives again and over again with the support of Zoho systems, and this strategy has shown to be effective.


WiseThink’s Business Process Analysis and Project Management Methodology

To begin, we do a Business Process Analysis. We’ll sit down with your team and go over your business process together for several hours. This encompasses your desires and requirements, as well as your present systems. This offers us the greatest picture of how you’re presently working and where you can improve. 

With this information, the WiseThink team spends a few more hours studying what we’ve learnt on our own to establish the best Zoho solutions and an implementation strategy that is right for your company. 

We’ll go to work as soon as you’ve examined and accepted the project proposal. This is how a WiseThink Zoho project is created!

  • Project Specification for Zoho 

We develop a spec paper based on all of your feedback and our discoveries during the BPA before anything is constructed, so “measure twice, cut once” applies here. It contains all of the information that our developers will need in the future. 

  • Blueprint for WiseThink Implementation

Following that, we create a draft, or blueprint, for your Zoho implementation. This covers all of the inputs, or storage locations, for the data your system needs to gather in order to run your organization efficiently.

WiseThink starts building all of the outputs you need once the inputs are in place. This includes reports, papers, pages, and anything else you’ll need to describe the job your Zoho system accomplishes.

Integration of projects 

After that, it’s time to put everything together! We construct all of the wiring, including workflow automation and business logic, that is required to integrate your solution. 

Your solution’s integration section is where you may obtain efficiency and perhaps simplify or automate tedious tasks. 

Zoho Project Management 

After you’ve finished building, it’s time to put it all together: 

  • To guarantee that your criteria are satisfied, we employ user acceptance testing (UAT). 
  • Your team participates in training so that they are prepared to utilize the new system. 
  • Your knowledge will reveal needs and inform change management, allowing us to get everything just right.
  • When you’ve done that, WiseThink will move your current data to the new system. 
  • We’ll schedule a launch, and your Zoho system will go online! 

The good news is that you won’t be on your own following implementation. WiseThink keeps in touch for support and follow-up to ensure that your Zoho deployment is a long-term success!

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