Zoho CRM vs. LeadSquared CRM vs. Salesforce_ A Comprehensive Comparison

In today’s business environment, a pleasant customer experience (CX) is critical for any company’s long-term success. It aids in the development of brand loyalty and consumer retention. According to Forbes, 74 percent of customers are inclined to buy items based on CX, while 81 percent of businesses consider CX to be the most important differentiator among rivals.

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, on the other hand, allow organizations to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their consumers and how they perceive the brand. By recognising and evaluating consumer sentiment based on brand interactions, effective CRM may improve customer experience.

The Zoho CRM tool is filled with a wide range of customer-centric functions that may alter the customer experience thanks to its unified CX platform. Continue reading to see how businesses are using the Zoho CRM tool to improve customer experience. 


Features of Zoho CRM that can Improve Customer Experience

Zoho CRM handles every stage of the customer journey, from acquisition to retention, as a CRM platform. 


Here are a few features that help businesses create a better customer experience strategy with Zoho CRM:

  • Multi-Channel Marketing is the first step in developing a multi-channel marketing strategy. 

Business brands can now perform significant multi-channel marketing to boost client acquisition with Zoho CRM. By providing the correct message at the right time, personalized marketing campaigns may boost quality lead generation and conversions. In addition, Zoho CRM’s RFM model uses customer data to develop focused marketing campaigns that may boost customer engagement and sales conversions.


  1. Excellent Customer Service : The Zoho CRM solution provides the ideal balance of high and low-touch customer support across various channels. Consumers may now take advantage of a self-servicing brand experience that includes a comprehensive knowledge base, chatbot dialogues, and a growing online community of happy customers, for example.

2. Customer research and analysis : Business users now have real-time access to the CRM dashboard, which displays the latest sales transactions and sales pipeline, thanks to the “customer analytics” function. Sales and marketing leaders may personalize customer dashboards using interactive dashboards depending on their preferences. 

Furthermore, each level of the client funnel may be adjusted to meet your specific company needs. 

3. Outstanding customer service : Zoho CRM provides a consistent customer experience by combining front-end and back-end activities. To give a centralized customer perspective, all customer data from diverse business departments, for example, may be merged. Multiple apps may be integrated across the technological stack using prebuilt connectors and APIs.  Finally, depending on the company objectives, Zoho CX features may be used with online and mobile apps.

4. Sales Forecasts : Business executives may now enhance their sales-related choices based on forecasts using the Zoho CRM prediction builder tool. Accurate AI-powered predictions and suggestions may be made across customer modules such as sales, marketing, and service using Zoho CRM. With AI-powered product suggestions, this feature can assist increase the customer’s lifetime value.



Business companies must continue to focus on providing a pleasant brand experience for their consumer base to flourish in a competitive business climate. The Zoho CRM Customer Experience platform is built to provide your customers a consistent brand experience at every step of their journey. 

You may utilize the user-friendly Zoho CRM application to develop a long-lasting relationship with your company clients by incorporating its CX-centric functions into your business operations.

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