Zoho CRM vs. LeadSquared CRM vs. Salesforce_ A Comprehensive Comparison

Zoho Booking is an ideal solution for setting up your business for all of your scheduling needs. We can keep track of all of your appointments on a daily basis on a calendar shared by all of your users.


Modules for Zoho Bookings 

There are four modules in Zoho Bookings: 

  • My Profile
  • Customers
  • Reports
  • Calendar

My Profile: Working hours, special working hours, and time off may all be customized here. Your profile’s general information.

Customers: Here we can view all of the clients, both registered and unregistered.

Customer who has signed up: When booking a service, the consumer must choose whether to sign in or sign up. 

Customer who is a visitor: When booking a service, customers can choose to be a guest.


  • Create reports using a picklist designer that is simple to use. 
  • Examine income and reservation reports. 
  • Share income or number of bookings information with your coworkers, and make plans ahead of time. 



  • All appointments are displayed in a list and calendar format. 
  • We can choose certain employees based on their availability today, today, today, today, today, today, today, today, today, today, today, today, today, today, today, today 
  • We can see all expected income, paid and due to payment in a calendar for a specific day, week, or month.


Zoho Bookings: How to Setup 


  • Every firm should have a resource that is linked to a service. After you’ve built a resource, you’ll need to make a service for it and attach the resource to it. 


  • Here, you must include services that are relevant to your business, such as salon and spa services. 
  • By selecting a service type, you may add all types of salon and spa services.

By default, Zoho provides three service kinds. 

  1. One-on-one appointments are scheduled on a regular basis. 
  2. Rental of physical assets, such as conference rooms, is made easier using Resource Booking. This will prompt you to attach a previously generated resource. 
  3. Group Booking is great for organizations that provide teaching and training services. 

We must choose a service name, pricing, service type, length, buffer time, personnel assigned, and description while creating a service.


Integration of Payments 

As of right now, Zoho Bookings can be simply linked with Paypal, Stripe, Worldpay, Razorpay, Forte, Authorize.Net, Paypal payment pro, and Paypal payflow pro. 


  • In the booking page, allow clients to select from available times and book at any time. 
  • Attract customers at all hours of the day and night. 
  • For all of your appointments, keep your Zoho CRM up to date. 
  • Remind your consumers of their scheduled appointments. 
  • Keep track of your own schedule by syncing with your current calendars. 
  • When you’re gone or busy, schedule time off.


Do you require assistance with Zoho Bookings? 

Contact our team if you need assistance with Zoho Bookings or would like to sign up for a free trial. Zo Success is an Indian company that specializes in Zoho implementation. Please contact us if you require any modification, licensing, or support for the applications included in the Zoho One package.

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