Company Size

2 – 10 employees


Located in Australia, T3 Partners helps businesses grow by provi ing a range of complimentary online services in the areas of Technology, Training, and Tax (BAS). They provide their services in the form of bundled packages that are designed to be cost- effective and flexible for businesses looking for a specific solution.

Their problem:

Too many manual workflows, scattered data and lower conversions. Since T3 partners offer multiple services bundled in a package, they usually have a lot of incoming and outgoing data from multiple apps. They wanted this data to be organized and stored in one place so that it reduces manual work and gives them meaningful insight to improve their customer service.

Our Solution:

Integrating ZOHO CRM to centralize all data and automate business processes. T3 was running multiple apps for managing their clients and they had a lot of data and records which they were not able to centralize and utilize properly. So we decided to integrate all their existing apps in one place by deploying ZOHO CRM in their organization. Zoho CRM allows easy integration with existing applications and makes it easier for businesses to manage processes, automate tasks and make informed decisions by providing meaningful data. And that is why we chose Zoho CRM to help T3 in keeping their process organized and serving their clients better.


T3 Partners helps you grow your business and live your life by providing a range of complementary on-line services in the areas of Technology, Training, and Tax (BAS).

The Result:

Centralizing all the technologies and data of T3 into Zoho CRM results in many of their business processes getting streamlined. The integrated CRM allowed T3 to access real-time data and see where a specific customer is in the sales cycle. It also allowed T3 to monitor customer accounts from a shared database and automate most of their business processes. T3 was also able to target inactive leads by realigning their customer messaging approach because there was insightful data available. And with a new website UI developed and integrated into Zoho CRM by us, their conversion rate shot up.

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