Health & Fitness

Company Size

11 – 50 employees


Central Contemporary Ballet aims to take Indian dancers to an international level by providing them with superior training in Western Ballet and contemporary dance forms. In fact, it is the only academy in India to provide competitive training in western dance forms.

Client’s Needs:

To manage students, teachers, and workers without any digital help was proving a challenge for Sanjay’s dance academy. There was a lot of paperwork that would take up the end number of hours and require tedious manual work to keep things going. He knew that he badly needed a digital solution to help him with tasks like scheduling class, marking attendance of students, keeping track of teachers and worker’s salary and more, and so he reached out to us for help.

What was Delivered:

We understood the need for Central Contemporary Ballet thoroughly and decided to leverage Zoho Creator to create a custom online solution for them. The product design we suggested to Sanjay had features like marketing attendance for students, scheduling class, sending birthday emails to teachers and students, and automatically reminding students if their fees are pending.

The Result:

Sanjay’s academy was able to completely get rid of the excel sheet and save hours of manual work. It became easier for Central Contemporary Ballet academy to manage their teacher and student data well and focus on their goal of nurturing international- level dancers in India.

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