PP Rolling Mills


Steel rolling and heavy equipment manufacturing

Company Size

More than 450


PP Rolling Mills (PPRM), based in New Delhi, is a leading provider of turnkey solutions for long goods, hot rolling mill equipment, and heavy equipment fabrication and machining. The company aims to be among the top global suppliers of these solutions. For it, the company is expanding its capabilities and range of offerings.

Business Objectives

      Achieve better control on sales opportunities

–      Complete tracking of the sales cycle

–      Ensure greater customer satisfaction

–      Shorten the sales cycle

–      Generate quick, error-free, and professional sales proposals

Why Wisethink Information Solution?

After the demo, PP Rolling Mills realized it was ready for Wisethink Information Solutions’ full, comprehensive package of Zoho applications (which includes Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, and Zoho Writer). All the solutions come fully loaded with capabilities to simplify the proposal creation process and streamlining the entire process of handling potential leads till their conversion as customers. Wisethink Information Solutions was chosen because it will assist the organization in achieving its goals and positioning itself for future growth.

Complete solution for managing leads

The sales operations at PPRM start with the lead capturing process in the Zoho CRM. Using it, the sales team at PPRM could input, track and analyze data for leads in one place. They capture leads either through referrals or manual entry by the users.

Once the lead has been captured, the next step is to qualify the lead. For the qualification of leads, the responsible person at PPRM makes sure to communicate with the prospect and asks a question to discern, whether the prospect is interested to become a customer and has an interest in purchasing their product(s), or not. As soon as they get the green light from the prospect, a questionnaire is sent to him. 

The questionnaire has questions related to items which later helps in the creation of the proposal.

Now, once the lead has been qualified, the customer asks PPRM for a proposal. For this, the user at PPRM migrates the data collected in Zoho CRM to Zoho Creator. Zoho creator automatically designs the layout of the proposal based on the item required by the customer. The only thing user has to perform in Zoho Creator is to select just the intended item and its respective cost sheet. Rest is done automatically.

Now, as soon as the proposal layout gets generated, the details are transferred to Zoho Writer, where the user can make alignment changes and send the proposal directly to the customer through email.

That’s it! The entire was simple, streamlined, smooth, and significantly quick for the sales team at PPRM.

Improved customer service

As the saying goes – ‘Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.’ – Wisethink Information Solutions also helped PPRM deliver great customer service. The company has provided them with a Customer Portal. Using it, the PPRM’s customers can log in with the assigned credentials and track the status of their product(s) under manufacturing. PPRM sends the link to this portal to their customers as soon as the proposals get accepted.

Also, using the portal, their customers can raise queries (If any) regarding the order(s) by generating ticket(s). Definitely, this has helped PPRM route, prioritize, and solve their customers’ requests efficiently. Result: Happy and satisfied customers!

Business Benefits

−       Efficient and effortless creation of sales proposals

−       Achieved complete tracking of the sales cycle

−       Experienced greater visibility of sales quotations as well as quotations revised with respect to a specific customer(s)

−       Succeeded in reducing sales proposal creation time from 2 days to 2 hours

−       Saved time by eliminating customer calls for their queries


Using our in-house system, we were able to create proposals by manually entering data. It is undeniably time-consuming for us. The problem is that these proposals are long, containing several pages (about 200 or more), and they are also dynamic. That is, each proposal differs in terms of the item number, item description, weight, specification, cost, and so on for different products. As a result, we were in desperate need of a modern system that could automate the proposal creation process, reducing time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks while also boosting our sales efforts. Wisethink Information Solutions stepped in with its expert solution and since then everything has been going well.

Praneet Khanna

Director at PP Rolling Mills(PPRM)

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