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Stones2Milestones is a Gurgaon based Edtech venture in India. Setup in 2009 Stones2 Milestones began with an after school learning center in Gurgaon and a motto that language is a critical life skill - especially in the early years. Gradually the client created its very own fReaDom app and also closed its first ever capital raising in 2017. The client was looking for an IT partner to automate its processes and WiseThink became one.

The Challenge: 

The client being one of the leading Edtech organizations was looking for an automated system. Earlier the client had all its process execution on the basis of manual records in excel. The database was also complex and it became time consuming to extract,categorise, manage all the data related to the facilitators and students and generate invoices. 

Major challenges faced were: 

  • Automating the recruitment process of the facilitators, easing the onboarding process, attendance record, class allocation 
  • Need for one platform for the admin team, operations team and the facilitators to coordinate properly and conduct the classes 
  • Instant notifications for already created students list, class timings and other details gathered from the database on an intuitive dashboard 
  • Better understanding of the capability of the facilitator to take online classes
  • Well structured and robust record maintenance for conducted and cancelled classes on behalf of both the students and the facilitator to generate correct invoice on time 

The Solution 

WiseThink solutions immediately looked into the challenges and provided best in class solutions. 

The Zoho Recruit platform customization: 

  • The recruitment of facilitators was automated by customizing Zoho Recruit platform. The HR team of Stones2Milestones could now easily post the job opening on the Zoho Recruit that would automatically appear on LinkedIn and the applicants can directly apply from LinkedIn. 
  • The recruitment process was further streamlined by adding a questionnaire form that is to be filled by the applicant for screening purposes. The applicant has to go through 3 levels of reviews. Once they complete the reviews they are finally selected on the basis of a contract and the same is recorded in the system. Our team customized the Zoho Recruit platform with these features. 
  • Post successful onboarding the facilitators are communicated with the requirements and the Zoho Creator link and credentials to manage various processes at one place. 

Zoho Creator platform customization 

  • WiseThink development team used Zoho Creator to ease and automate the post onboarding processes
  • The onboarded facilitators are now first assessed by filling a form that gauges their technical capability to deliver online classes. They get this form by logging in their Zoho Creator account. This process makes it easier to provide them training or not. 
  • The Zoho Creator platform offers customized dashboards to admin i.e. the HR team, the operations team and the facilitators to manage their respective processes
  • Our team made the solution very user friendly and easy to walk through as the facilitators now get all the information related to their classes, number of students with their names, time and date on their dashboard. 
  • The facilitators can easily take the attendance from that dashboard and begin the class on time. 
  • Our team has also integrated the LMS module for the teachers or facilitators to download the learning material and learn whenever necessary 
  • The tracking of conducted and canceled classes is now possible through the customized Zoho Creator platform. Our solution has made it easy to identify whether the class is canceled by the facilitator por the students, hence making the invoice generation easier and accurate. 

Business Impact 

  • Stones2Milestones is now capable of keeping all its records at one place instead of juggling through the excel sheets. 
  • Process automation such as recruitment, onboarding, attendance record etc. has helped the client to save time and focus on other important tasks 
  • One single platform for all the major tasks and processes has helped in accurate tracking and capture better ROI 
  • Our solution has resulted in increased sales and better user experience
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