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Established in the year 2002, BalGopal Food Products Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of refined rice bran oil, crude rice oil and many other rice products. The client’s production plant is based out of Odisha,India and it is expanding its production capacity year after year. Focusing on sustainable manufacturing and a green and clean environment Bal Gopal Food Products Pvt. Ltd. has won trust on a larger scale. The company’s motto is to offer a healthy lifestyle to maximum people through its heart-healthy food products.Automation is the key for any industry today, therefore, BalGopal Food Products Pvt. Ltd. was also looking for a trustworthy IT partner to help the business digitize its manual processes.

The Problem Statement

Being a large-scale manufacturer, Bal Gopal Food Products Pvt. Ltd. has several customers and vendors. To maintain the data, inventory, sales and other warehouse or storage processes the client needed a centralized ERP system. The client was facing the following challenges:

-Delay in purchase of raw materials and inventory management

-Issue in proper report generation

-Confusion in choosing the right vendor

-Bulk order sales and management

-Complexity in warehouse and store management

-Requirement of a centralized ERP system

The Solution

Wisethink became the trusted IT partner of BalGopal Food Products and looked into the issues immediately. Our team of well-qualified developers automated various processes to help the client’s employees manage all the processes in one place.

We offered the following solutions:

1. Purchase module :

-The purchase module developed by our team  generates filtered reports for purchases to make the process easier.

-We have created a process to enter material return/replacement and update the inventory.

– It helps in comparing vendors based on their price of raw material by simply entering a few details in the generated form that calculates the price and sends the details directly on the mail.

-The client can now easily send customized emails of the purchase order to the vendor or customer by just choosing the required template with in-built customizations.

2. Sales Module:

-A centralized sales module simplifies and automates the post-production processes.The sales module created by our team helps in creating a detailed dispatch plan for bulk orders once the sales order is generated 

-Our team also added the feature to update the inventory if an order is canceled or returned, by easily entering the quantity returned/canceled in the system.

-The sales module also shows the total dispatched quantity and pending quantity to be dispatched and updates the status as “Dispatched/Partial Dispatched”.

3. Store Module:

-The store module helped the client in keeping its inventory up to date. The solution sends a notification to the authorized personnel whenever the raw material reaches a certain limit and needs to be refilled. This way the client remains updated and keeps a check on the items that need immediate renewal.

-Store module offers material receipts with updated numbers of replaced and returned materials

-The client can easily maintain the quality checks in the automatically generated checklist of raw materials and manufactured products 

-The store module is also integrated with an item issue feature wherein the client’s employees can easily raise a request for required items. This request can be easily tracked for pending quantity and the user can regenerate a request for that pending quantity of materials.

4. Warehouse module:

-The warehouse module in the ERP system has eased the data storage and management of information such as the number of goods unloaded, loaded, entry, and exit details of the goods carrier/truck.

-In the warehouse module all the details related to goods unloading are linked to the purchase model and the details of goods loading are linked with the sales model. This helps in easy tracking of goods with minimum details in hand.

Business Impacts

Our ERP solution helped in a lot of ways to grow the client’s business and enhance their processes.

-Bal Gopal Food Products Pvt. Ltd. now has a centralized data storage system for various manufacturing stages/business processes.

-The customer and vendor management is eased with well-defined modules

-They have filtered and drilled down sales reports for better analysis

– The ERP system has helped the client in dealing well with the vendors, customers and boosted the ROI.

Technology stack used:

  • Zoho creator 
  • HTML pages
  • CSS

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