Artizan Foods Case Study
Artizan Food


Food Delivery

Company Size


Artizan Foods is dedicated to advancing sustainable finance and delivering Foods products. They have managed more than twenty dealers, converting small orders to bulk consolidated orders to dealers. Artizan Foods deliver diverse solutions across inventory and handling all orders through online and delivering foods products.

Challenges they faced before Zoho Creator: Lack of streamlined process for visitors

Artizan Foods did not have proper management of online order bills, invoices, contact, employees, dealer management and purchase order functionality.

No. of applications built

No of applications that we have built for client is “1”

Name of applications built & their use cases: Sales & Inventory Management App

We provided the reporting tag as a Zoho Creator online order app to overcome the challenge but adding a consolidated purchase order in each dealer wise was impossible in a single go.

So, we integrated Zoho Creator Online Order App to Zoho Books. Whenever anyone creates a purchase order in Zoho Creator Online Order App, based on delivery date, it automatically creates a consolidated purchase order to Zoho Books as per the dealer.


Once the online order is placed by the customer on Zoho Creator App, the system will consolidate all the client orders into a single Purchase Order to the dealer based on delivery date and products. 

Once the consolidated order is created, then automatically the system will create a Purchase Order to Zoho Books for the particular dealer.

Also we have provided the option for dealers to update how much stock they can deliver based on the consolidated purchase order. If some products are currently not available, then the system will create another purchase order to another dealer based on product delivery date and who can provide the low price. 

So, the system automatically follows the above process again for the new purchase order. 

Also once dealers submit the delivering stock details, the system automatically creates an invoice based on all the consolidated purchase orders in Zoho Books.


The Artizan Foods team can manage all the invoices and bills based on the Zoho Creator online order app. They manage auto updates for deliveries based on every single client order. 

Also, they can track all the dealers invoice and consolidate purchase orders and stock updates. The entire process will automatically be taken by system. If any changes or modifications are needed, they can do that. 

Artizan Foods can track their regular customers and their order products details based on multiple charts with filters. So, Artizan Foods can plan for future upgrades based on their customers and dealers’ management. 

Technology Used:

Deluge Script, HTML/CSS

Most used features of Zoho Creator by the company

  • We have created customized Online Order Page in Creator. This page is similar to Flipkart and Amazon portal.
  • Also their internal team is easily handling for Stock Update and Order Clearing process through Zoho Creator customized activity.
  • Email configurations between Clients and Dealer 
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