Legal Service

Company Size

11 – 50 employees


RESO is an organization that aims to provide people with an alternative solution for prompt and economical resolution of disputes. It provides a prompt and economical resolution of disputes through Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation (AMC).

Client’s Needs:

Despite having to deal with legal issues that need legal attention, most people avoid going to the courts because of delayed legal proceedings. And that is why, RESO wanted to create an online ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) platform where two parties can come together and get their disputes resolved outside the court by mediators, facilitators, and arbitrators.

Our Approach:

After getting a clear idea about the client requirement in our first round of discussion, we looked into the different technologies we can utilize for the development of an online ADR platform. With inputs from our developers, we narrowed down on Node.js and Angular to develop the platform for E-Dispute resolutions.

What we’ve delivered so far:

We’ve already passed the ideation and development stage and delivered a beta version of the platform to RESO. Currently, we are working on adding enhancements and features to the platform which will increase the overall experience of the end-user.

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