Executive Office

Company Size

10,000+ employees


Tata group is a privately owned multinational conglomerate of nearly 100 companies headquartered in Mumbai, India. The group has several products and service-based brands under its name and is one of the oldest commercial groups in India.


Tata group wanted us to create an automated process for claim management as their manual process required a lot of resources. They not only wanted to settle their claims faster, but also wanted to track the claims settlement process at every step.

Development & Implementation Time:

We developed and implemented the internal process claim management system for TATA Group in a span of 5 months.

About the system:

The system we developed is completely internal to the Tata group, where the admins and vendors can log in from their location to settle the claims and check the updates on the claims. The UI developed for the system is user-friendly and doesn’t require separate training or instructions to work with. We also added a failure monitoring system to monitor system bugs and failures. We constantly monitor the system and add new features to it when required by the client.

Technology we used:

ZOHO CREATOR:Using Zoho Creator, we developed a perfect fit internal process claim management system for TATA group

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