Tata Projects



Company Size

1001 – 5000 employees


Being one of the leading construction companies in India, Tata projects executes many large industrial infrastructure projects in urban and rural India. And for managing them smoothly, they constantly leverage world-class management techniques and technology.

Leading Engineering Company in India

We provide simple and innovative solutions to deliver complex projects on time.


To make their project management more efficient, the company felt the need for a tool that could automatically store their project balance sheet and provide them with an analysis for the upcoming project by comparing it with the already available balance sheet data.

Our Approach:

  • Finding the right platform for the tool: After clearly understanding their requirements and aligning with their desired outcomes, we dug deeper to find the right platform to build a project management tool for Tata Projects.
  • Architecture and system building: We found that a low-code platform like Zoho creator would be the best choice for creating the tool required by Tata Project. So after finalizing it, we laid out the architecture of the tool, and before we moved on to building it, we called the party to come together and review the architecture.
  • Building and internal testing: After getting the architecture reviewed by the party, we moved on to building and testing the tool internally. In the test, our in- house team went through all the features of the tool to see if there are any corrections to be made.
  • Going Live and acceptance testing: In this step, we deployed the tool in the client’s environment for end-user acceptance testing. We used bug tracking tools to track issues and apply fixes simultaneously. Once we got over this phase, the tool was ready to be deployed in the production environment at Tata projects.


  • A reliable and scalable project management tool with an
  • intuitive and attractive UI.
  • Easy management of project data.
  • Automated tracking of projects and balance sheets.
  • Smooth project progress in every quarter.
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