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Pro India is an integrated National Waste Management Consulting firm. Our services include EPR audit & compliance, along with Social Impact. Our unique school programs are being sought after for bringing about social awareness and behavioral change in our future generation

The Requirements

ProIndia requires an all in one solution through which they are able to manage their Invoices, Data, Vehicle Tracking and Allotments on a single platform for future convenience.

The Solution

After analyzing and researching the entire requirements came from the ProIndia team, we developed a solution named as ProIndia Supply Chain Management Application to automate and helps in managing their vendor, track down all the invoices along with the PO generation, all in one place to manage with ease.

We decided to go with the Zoho Creator application to create different sections like master reports, Purchase orders, truck details and many more.

Intuitive Dashboard:

The interactive dashboard will allows us to view the statistical data into the different chart forms and can be viewed on the required filters.

  1. Vendor Master : We used this section as to track all the vendors masters along with their following details like vendor name, attention, email id, phone state, and many more. Also, from here, we are able to add new vendor master by simply filling the details.
  2. Client Master : Using this module we can manage all the clients and able to add new one similar to the vendor master that could increase the company’s revenue.
  3. Source Master : In this section, we are able to add the source of the vendor mainly where he is from and can add new sources and ULB Details accordingly.
  4. Destination Master : It is the replica of the source master. To maintain the destination of the vendor.
  5. Item Master : It consists of the item related field to take care of the items.
  6. State Master : All the management of the state will be managed here.

Effortless Purchase Order Creation

In the Purchase order, we can create the new purchase orders for client as well as vendors. Also, adding a new PO is quite easy for by simply given basic things like Items details, payment details with email auto-triggers to particular person. All Client PO will be shown along with a button to create Vendor PO.

Easy Vehicle Management

Using this , we can manage all the trucks by filling 1A Form. Going inside a particular 1A form, they have to enter the 1B form details. Also, we can see the following information about a particular truck details like Status, vendor PO number, Truck number, ID along with its image attached. We can either view or download the pdf as per our requirement.

Allotment and Create Invoice

Similarly Allotment of a particular truck is quite simple. By clicking to a particular allotment truck, and at the same time, creating invoice facility is there. If we wish to create multiple invoice for multiple vendors, the system doesn’t allow to create. Creating an invoice will open options to edit a particular invoice and we can edit it as per our requirement. The system will also allow us to view the invoice before sending it to client.

Tech Stacks

HTML, CSS, Deluge

Zoho Platform

Zoho Creator

End Result

By using different and multiple platforms to manage invoices, vendors, clients, we stick them to a single platform that will not only helps in easy management but also can keeps up to date by tracking all the things.

Auto email triggering will helps in not to forgot the mails to send to a particular client and remind him of the invoice raised.

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