WeGoBond Empowers Women’s Travel Adventures with Zoho CRM
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WeGoBond, a Delhi-based women-only travel company, specializes in experiential tours for women, both in India and abroad. Their mission is to provide stress-free travel experiences, fostering connections and cherished memories. This case study explores how WeGoBond overcame challenges and enhanced operations using Zoho CRM.


  • Data Management: Struggled with maintaining leads and client data, relying on manual methods like Excel.
  • Customer History Tracking: Needed a way to track a customer’s travel history for identifying recurring clients and offering special incentives.
  • Data Organization: Required a system for organizing various types of data into comprehensible formats for reporting.
  • Communication Efficiency: Manual processes for WhatsApp broadcasts and email communication proved time-consuming and inefficient.
  • Website Lead Generation: Sought to streamline the process of generating leads from their website when potential customers interacted with itinerary details.


  • Customized Zoho CRM: Tailored Zoho CRM to efficiently manage leads and databases.
  • Customer History Tracking: Utilized grading in Zoho CRM to identify and reward recurring customers with special offers.
  • Custom Modules: Created custom modules within Zoho CRM for diverse data types, simplifying data management and reporting.
  • Streamlined Communication: Integrated WATI (WhatsApp extension) with Zoho CRM to automate welcome messages and WhatsApp communication, reducing manual effort.
  • Website Integration: Integrated the website with Zoho CRM to automate lead generation from website interactions.


By leveraging Zoho CRM, WeGoBond transformed its operations:

  • Efficiently maintains leads and customer data, eliminating the need for manual storage in Excel.
  • Tracks customer travel history through grading in Zoho CRM, enabling the identification and rewarding of loyal clients.
  • Streamlines lead generation from website interactions, making it a seamless process.

WeGoBond can now focus on providing remarkable travel experiences for women, fostering connections, and creating cherished memories.

Applications Used:

Zoho CRM
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